Creating a virtually invincible genetically engineered strain of humankind. Expediting Darwinian evolution to create a super adaptive mutant generation.
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  • May 2027
  • Natasha Roy
  • $166.00 Trillion
  • Genetic Engineering
  • New Delhi, India

Core Belief


The completion of the second Human Genome Project (HGP II) in 2025 gave researchers a treasure trove of information on studying possible mutations. The script of human evolution and genetic mutation was finally decoded in an Olympian endeavour that spanned three decades. The phenomenal scope for human improvement is yet to be capitalized on.

Founded by Natasha Roy the famed Indian microbiologist in 2027. Gene X is intent on mutating the human genome to expedite the pace of Darwinian evolution. The enhanced genome will create a race of human progeny that can survive almost any apocalyptic event.